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© Pernille Sønnichsen


Bakkehaves Inshallah


Jumbaldi 2010

Jumbaldi won the title as Best Pony at The Nørvang 50th. anniversary Show, Sept. 2009

Bakkehaves Jamilah 2007   Foto: Camilla Poulsen©

Bakkehaves Candyman  Foto: Camilla Poulsen©


Stranduff Candyfloss II - Mini Champion at the mares assessment 2007

In Memory Of
Our two beloved dogs, who left us for a better world, April 2007

 "Rasmus" our West Highland Terrier 1991 - 2007 & "Lille Trold" our  Dogue de Bordeaux 1997 - 2007 


Bakkehaves Jamilah 2006

Sambuca at European Shetland Games in Sweden 2006.

Jumbaldi at Roskilde Agricultural Fair 2006.

Bakkehaves Impala 2006

Freezing cold - but happy about Sambuca´s 4th. Swedish gold medal, February 2006

Bakkehaves Jamilah & Waulkmill Honesty - well prepared and easy to handle.

Visiting 3 Vivaldi daughters: Bakkehaves Honning Bamselin - Honningkrukke & Honningblomst.

Our Giant Atlantic Pumpkins 2005

Jamilah as Pumpkin-pony 2005.

Skovlundens Jolly

Little Frederik is enjoying life as therapy-pony with his jockey Malthe.

Jumbaldi June 2005, a great day and a happy breeder - photo by Kirsten Ellebæk.

Jamilah´s first show. Photo by Camilla Poulsen©            

6 weeks old on a rainy day in July 2005.

Bakkehaves Jumbaldi.......Looking forward to his first season with the girls and a great season in the show-ring...

Swedish Champion & Over-all Reserve, February - Best Shetland Stallion and 3rd. of all breeds (19), June - Best of all breeds, July - Swedish Champion & Over-all Reserve, July 2005. Swedish Champion, September 2005. Swedish Champion & BIS, November 2005. BIS, Dorthealyst, April 2006.


J&J greeting 29 year old olympic show-jumping bronze medalist "Nepomuk" on their way to Belgium March 2005.

Sambuca at the mare´s assessment, July 2005

Waiting to enter the ring  - then assessed in 1st. class and winner of her class...

then  Medium Champion, Junior Reserve and finally after some nervewrecking minutes - Over-all Reserve Champion.
Photo by Kirsten Ellebæk.

Maclaren Februar 2005 - scouting for girls...

while Lille Trold is looking for hullabaloo.

Maclaren at Great Yorks ©Bakkehave

Jumbaldi at York Stud 2004, photo Søren Wesseltoft

Bakkehaves Jumbaldi SH 463,  Danish Champion 2004 - Swedish Champion 2004 & 2005.

4 blacks by Maclaren October 2004

Cat Colonel Victoria

Father & son  -  Jumbaldi & Vivaldi

Mother & daughter  -  Juliet & Jessica

Nadine & Ninus by Aage xx

Jaguar & Sitatunga born on the 9. maj and 10. maj 2003

Maclaren & Jumbaldi at Stutteri York 2004, performing for royalty. - photo Søren Wesseltoft

Vivaldi on his way into the kitchen...

Two graceful Maclaren-daughters wearing red rosettes - Bakkehaves Sambuca & Ellinges Lady Azra
Both has done very well along the way.



Ane gave us a helping hand at the prize-ceremony on the island Bornholm.
Sambuca was the best 2-year old filly of all breeds and made headline in the local newspaper.

Jumbaldi receiving his Bornholm-prize as no. 2 stallion of all breeds.



Three full-sisters in the Honey-family, sold as riding-ponies,
all owned by 3 year old Benedikte.

Frederik  with Goliat & Ll.Lindegaards Bonaparte

No! I´m not related to Dracula

Sambuca checking daddy´s new toy.

Lille Trold 2004




Lillemis & Lille Trold













                              On duty.

The most wonderful dog in the world, is truly a Dogue de Bordeaux

                                  Off duty.

                           A  "must see movie"


Some other animals along the way...

Centro Histórico, Mexico City, august 2005

Panda-boy in Mexico City Zoo 2004


Etosha National Park, Namibia, March and August 2001

Gazelles and girafs in the garden.


Activity on "The Pan"....

An oryx on his way .






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