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! Hall of Fame !   

Bakkehaves Jumbaldi


Deltager ved BIS jubilæumsparaden på Dorthealyst  april 2011

Best stallion "Interbreed" Bornholm 2010

Photo by: Kirsten Ellebæk

Mountain & Moorland Winter Show March 2010 F

First in his class, 2.nd. best shetland, Best Small Pony and Best Winter Coat!

50 Years Anniversary at Nørvang Stud 2009
Winner of his class
Best Stallion
Best Pony

Winner of his class & 3rd. of 18 in interbreed at Roskilde Agricultural Fair 2009

Winner of his class - Roskilde Agricultural Fair 2008

2007  Foto: Camilla Poulsen©

Filly-foal by Jumbaldi "Michak´s Rositta" Champoin foal, scoring 41 points, Sweden 2007

2007  Foto: Camilla Poulsen©

2007  Foto: Camilla Poulsen©

2007  Foto: Camilla Poulsen©


Our great pride - a breeders dream - our little black diamond - caught in a proud moment by:
©Wiegaarden´s foto-studie v. fotograf Jørgen Bak Rasmussen©

Winner of his class, 23 points and prize of honour at Roskilde Agricultural Fair 2007.
Photo by: Camilla Poulsen

Roskilde Agricultural Fair , May 2006
1st. in his class and no.4 in the inter-breed competition among 18 different breeds.

Jumbaldi BIS at the Stallions Parade - inter-breed - Dorthealyst 2006.

Photo by: Stutteri Stjernen.

Awarded diploma in 2006, by the Swedish Shetland Association for his outstanding results in the Swedish show-ring 2004 - 2005.

Jumbaldi by Amanda  Stiverius 2005 ©


Jumbaldi´s Christmas Party 2005
Thank you so much for all the attention -  all of us had a great time.

Getting tuned in for last  assignment  2005 - Halloween Show in Sweden 5th. of November.......

The winner takes it all !
BIS at Halloween Show 2005

Swedish judge & owner of the well-known Stuteri Emero, Inga-Lill Hovenklint: "BIS blev till sist den underbara lilla svarta minihingsten Bakkehavens Jumbaldi - en mycket värdig vinnare säger jag som inte är någon älskare av minishetlands- men honom gillar jag starkt- han är verkligen en förminskad stor shetland!!! STORT GRATTIS till Bakkehaven."

As foal

2 years old

3 years old

4 years old

Winner of his Class, Champion and 3rd. in BIS, Riks, Sweden, August, 2004.





5 years old
Winner og his class, Champion, and BIS reserve, Sweden, February, 2005.

Photo by Christina Hauschildt.

Photo by Kirsten Ellebæk.

The greatest day of them all - Roskilde Agricultural Fair, June, 2005.

In the ring with 18 top quality stallions of different breeds, being 3rd.
©Wiegaarden´s foto-studie v. fotograf Jørgen Bak Rasmussen©

Photo by Kirsten Ellebæk.



Best stallion of all breeds, Bornholms Agricultural Fair, July, 2005


Champion & BIS reserve, Sweden, July 2005.
Photo by Magnus Archenholtz

Champion, Sweden, September 2005.

Winner of his class, champion & BIS, Sweden, November 2005
Photo by: Magnus Archenholtz.

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