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Maclaren Babies
some of
Their Best Results


Offspring in Denmark by Supreme Champion "Waulkmill Maclaren"

Maclaren 18 years old - spring 2005. Photo  by Christina Hauschildt©

Bakkehaves Julietta assessed in 1.class with 42 points 2011

Bakkehaves Juwel assessed with 41 points 2011

Kylenstens Rembrandt assessed in 2A with 8-8-8-8-8 = 40 points 2011

Søndergårds  Mac assessed in 1.st. class May 2009 at the Stallions Assessment

Promisehill Macdreamy 2009

Søndergårds Malou first in her class with max score and 3rd. in interbreed - Roskilde Agricultural Fair 2009

Bakkehaves Juniana 23 points at Roskilde Agricultural Fair 2009

Kylenstens R..... foto Lennart Pedersen 2009

Michak´s Rosie MacGee  o Skovlundens Red Rose March 2009

"Bakkehaves Honeydew" o Mill of Towie Holly 2008

Newborn "Porsgaards Donoma" o Skovvangens Dana - 2008, assessed in 2A 2011

Newborn "Kylenstens Ruslana" o Champion mare Kylenstens Ryhle. 2008 Som 2-års 23 point Odense og nr. 2 i interbreed.

Kylenstens Rembrandt 3 years old- May 2008


Bakkehaves Juniana, one year old, Dorthealyst 2008, winner of her class  and 3rd. in the semi-final- scoring 41 points.

Ellinges Argo and his owner Line Laugesen.
Argo won his class with 40 points at Skanderborg youngster-show 2008.

His full brother Ellinges Aslan Res. BIS at the same show.

Full sister of the two above - Ellinges Abby, 3 year old, winner of her class Skanderborg 2008.

Søndergårds Mac - winner of the marerial test 2007, assessed and licensed in 2009

Ellinges Aslan & Timon at Store hestedag 2007. 1st. and 2nd. with 42 and 41 points.

Ellinges Aslan BIS - again!

Aslan´s full brother Ellinges Argo 2007 - winner of his class with 43 points.
Owner: Line Laugsen - Stutteri Gyldenlunden

A gorgeous colt foal -  Grubbes MacMolloy  (Muld) -  o. Ørnhøjs Mollie - born 1st. of May 2007
Photo by Pernille Bjerre

Grubbes MacMolloy 3rd. in his class with 42 points 2007

Grubbes MacMolloy  39 points Dorthealyst April 2009 - Photo: Pernille Bjerre


Colt - Kylenstens Reagan  o. Kylenstens Rikkeline

Filly foal - Emmeros Dansa o Emmeros Diana, diplomsto SUCH - photo Stuteri Emmero
Champion ungsto, Vartofte 2009

Colt foal - Ellinges Argo o Skovlundens Afroditte

Kylenstens Rembrandt 40 point, 3/8 Ebberup 2006


Vihrsgaarden´s Muri-Mac Princes
Winner of the interbreed at Horsens Agricultural  Fair 2006
Assessed in 1. class 2011

Søndergaard´s Macline - assessed in 2A - July 2006.

Ellinges Aslan, colt 2006, will be showed in September.............

Ellinges Aslan Best In Show and Interbreed September 2006.

Ellinges Abby one year old & her full sister Ellinges Lady Azra 2 years old.
Abby gained 38 points and Azra 39 points at Dorthealyst april 2006. Both qualified for the final.
Assessed in 2A 2011

Vihrsgårdens Maclady 4 years old - a very promising young mare, assessed with 41 points in 2006. Silvermedal at The European Shetland Games 2006.

Vihrsgårdens Maclady as 2 years old, as BIS - scoring 45 points.

Lovely, well-bred Kylenstens Fie  as yearling.

Full sister, Kylenstens Franciska

Bakkehaves Sambuca 1 year old - best yearling with 43 points and 3rd. in BIS

Bakkehaves Sambuca, as best  2-year old of all breeds, Bornholm  Agricultural Fair 2004 - with max. score 24 points.

Bakkehaves Sambuca 3 years old, as Over-all Reserve Champion, mares assessment 2005 - scoring 43 points.

Sambuca gaining 43 points and her 3rd. Swedish gold medal. No. 3 in Best In Show, September 2005.
Photo by Magnus Archenholtz

Sambuca gaining her 4th. Swedish gold medal, February 2006.

Sambuca 24 points and prize of honour at Bornholms Agricultural Fair - July 2006

No. 5/14 and silvermedal at The European Shetland Games 2006.

Bakkehaves Jacklaren, 3-year old gelding, a very handsome and correct pony, with lots of quality. He is undergoing training as driving-pony in Belgium. He is now working as riding-pony in France, with his younger brother Jaguar.


His full brother Bakkehaves Jaguar, 2 year old gelding in also on his way as driving-pony.
He is a true star and a breeders dream - a reflection of a young Maclaren. Unfortunately we had to geld him, due to the lack of interest in these outstanding bloodlines here in DK. With Maclaren remaining in Denmark, we had no use for this brillant boy ourselves. Jaguar is like our 5 x Champion
Bakkehaves Jumbaldi , out of the unique mare: Juliet of Nashes.

Bakkehaves Jaguar 2 years old, July 2005. (now in France)

J&J - still in Denmark 2004.


Søndergaards Mac 2 years old, as 3rd. in BIS, scoring 41 points at Store hestedag 2004
He has been first when showed as both foal & yearling.
Assessed in 1. class 2010

Ellinges Lady Azra as foal, first with 40 points, 2004

Little Søndergaards Mellon - full sister of Mac -  has not been showed yet.

Ellinges Abby 40 points and access to the final September  9th. 2006.
43 points and 3rd. in the final September 17th. 2006.


Søndergaards Stella 2 years old - october 2005. A well typed, very good looking and promising filly. She has indeed the very characteristic "Maclaren big behind", strong bone and is very true to the classic Scottish type.
Søndergaards Stella was 1st. of 11 at Store Hestedag with 43 points as yearling.



 A Bakkehave Filly 2006 !

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