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To all our shetland-friends

The best wishes for a Happy New Year.


A snow-storm on its way !

And the ponies are returning to the stable for shelter and some extra goodies.

Victoria "CCV" - taking a day off.


JUMBALDI SPECIAL - click here!

An early Christmas Present arrived on the 17th. of December.

At last in Denmark after a long journey. Waulkmill Honesty arrived in mint condition with Odense Hestetransport this morning.

Jamilah & Honesty - already great friends.

My assistant "Leo" is helping out, while I´m counting the hours to the arrival of "Waulkmill Honesty".


This years stable-party was held to honour Jumbaldi and he was very happy to see so many of his friends. The arrival of his "Swedish Fan-Club" made quite an impression. Thank you for coming all the way over.

A hard working Frederik, making waffles all day behind his hay-table.

Goodies for the four-legged as well.

Enjoying the nice Christmas atmosphere.

Merry Christmas to all our guests, and thank you so much for all the lovely presents, among them a very special blanket for a very special pony.



Vivaldi is back in HQ, looking better than ever. He has spent 5 months with his wives and sons at Møllegaarden. He is on lease to Møllegaarden for 2006 as well.

One more Kitty in the household - meet Stendyssen´s Leo.


Maclaren - Babies - Click here !

A huge THANK YOU to all our shetland friends, for all the greetings Jumbaldi has received for his BIS title.

Halloween Show  November 5th. in Sweden

65 ponies entered the show - Judge: Christina Ivarsson.
4 Danish studs entered the show with 10 ponies. Stutteri Hesseldal had 2 ponies as winners in each their class and they were both qualified to compete about the individual Championship in each their class.

Amanda the wampire & Inga-Lill the witch, with Emmeros Diamant.
What a funny nose!

A "fun-show" with lots of witchcraft, wampires, spider´s web, devils and Jack o´ Lantern.
The Swedish Region South had created an excellent spooky atmosphere, even the rosettes were in true Halloween colours.
They really know how to put on a show in Sweden!


Jumbaldi  began his day by winning his class with 43 points and here by gained his 5th. Swedish Championship in a row.

Skovlundens Jolly came in last in her class with 38 points and a fairly good description. She was a bit tense and shy, but we are satisfied with her and know what to work on, before the assessment in 2006.

Louisa Sörensen won the Bakkehave Rosettes, as best Junior Handler with the Danish bred gelding "Stjernens Elvito".

12 Champion ponies competed in the over-all final and Jumbaldi was picked as Best In Show. The marvellous black standard mare "Smevallens Glory" was reserve, and the well known standard stallion "Ytterhalls Kanon" came in 3rd.

Jumbaldi BIS winner in his blanket of honour donated by N-vet.

Our best thanks to the Swedish region South for a great day with lots of fun and 6 prizes for Jumbaldi!

Anthon & our 112 kg pumpkin.

New doggy in the household - From U.S.A. - Redlion´s Mr. Slim


Scotland 2005


The stunning West Highlands - home of the Highland pony, the "Gentle Giant" the Clydesdale, Highland Cattle
 and of course the West Highland White Terrier.

We passed by a field of Highland Ponies...

Highland cow, Cherish, with her calf, Angel.  (Photo by Gail Simons.)
and Highland Cattle.

At home we are being guarded by our own "Rasmus".


clydesdales at work
Due to heavy rain on Isle of Skye, our hike in the mountains, riding these wonderful creatures, was off. We hope for better luck next time.

A great view from our hotel, facing Eilean Donan castle.

Visiting Waulkmill Stud 2005

Waulkmill Honesty & her sire & dam in the background.
Honesty is the latest addition to our small stud. We picked her even before she was born, because of her great bloodlines. Having seen her full brother and other family members over the years, we simply had to have her.

Waulkmill Honesty - summer 2005. ©Bakkehave

juptrotting.jpg (28357 bytes)
Waulkmill Jupiter - grandson of Waulkmill Maclaren - a very impressive colt foal born 2005, with already 2 junior championships i 2 shows. ©Bakkehave

Maclaren daughter - Waulkmill Jolly Good, had a great year in the show-ring 2005. ©Bakkehave

One of Waulkmill Maclaren´s many rosettes.

The Maclaren Clan Symbol.

Yet another wonderful, educating and informative visit at Waulkmill Stud - we really learned a lot again this year in the very good company of Mrs. Roweena Provan, Mr. Steven Strang and Mr. "Transy" Dougal Dick.

Everything has to come to an end - Edinburgh at its greatest on the day we left.

Giants & miniatures - Happy Halloween.

Jumbaldi is trying out his new taylor-made gear and is ready for Halloween Show in Sweden 5th. of November.


Oct.17th. - Today Mario and his dam Blondie went home. Mario has grown a lot and has turned grey, since he arrived in July to keep Jamilah company.

A day at Stutteri Kylensten.

A stunning herd of homogen, top quality black pearls.... A  truly rare sight these days !

Kylenstens Fie, yearling - by Waulkmill Maclaren.

Kylenstens Rembrandt, colt foal by Waulkmill Maclaren

A lovely day in great company and wonderful weather.


Visiting our little diamond "Møllegaards Vivaldi" at his breeder´s.

3 colts by Vivaldi at Møllegaarden -

a litter of super cute Galaksi puppies.

A Day at The Races

What to do, when the ponies are out of the show-ring ?
You spend a day in pouring rain at the racecourse - and have lots of fun !



The ponies are out of the show-ring for the season, which means back to work.

Lille Trold

Skovlundens Jolly

Little Vivaldi is still enjoying life at Møllegaarden - entertaining the grand-children!
A super sweet little stallion with a unique temperament.
Photo by: Ruth Møllegaard Kristensen.


Gråmanstorp, Shetland Syd, September 17th.
Foal & Youngster Show

Back in Sweden again!

This time with Bakkehaves Sambuca.

Sambuca - winner of her class and gaining her 3rd. gold medal.
Photo by Magnus Archenholtz

She was judged by Mrs. Else Enemark, Denmark. She was awarded 9-9-8-9-8 = 43 points, won her class and came in second in the 2 - 3 year old fillies championship (all colours). In BIS she came in 3/6, 76 ponies entered the show.
The Danes made a very good impression with "Bergeruds Playboy" as BIS Reserve and Sambuca right behind. Not the toughest competition we have met in Sweden, but a nice addition to Sambuca´s results.

Tina & Asperas Lille Sol.
2 year-old Vivaldi baby - Lille Sol was awarded 38 points, got a very nice description and came in 3rd. compeeting against 2 year-old standard stallions. Nice to see him back on track again after a somewhat unfair description at Store Hestedag.

A great day for us, Maclaren & Vivaldi. Mrs. Else Enemark did a very good job, it´s tough judging 76 ponies in one day. We were welcomed by Danish flags and even the rosettes were red and white! Which you i Denmark must obtain 42 points to achieve! Sunshine all day long among friends - what a treat!
On the way home we were delayed by a bomb threat on the ferry, but even that couldn´t ruin the spirit.



 Walking straight into the lion´s mouth.......

Waulkmill Fay
Mrs. Provans lovely - very British typed mare - came in 7/7, was awarded  37 points and a silver medal.
Judge: Mr. Ronny Johnsson.

Bakkehaves Jumbaldi - quadruple Swedish Champion.

Our own precious pearl "Jumbaldi"  made his best performance ever, but was only awarded 41 points. Despite the rather low score, he managed to gain his 4th. Swedish Championship.
He was no. 6/8 in Best in Show
He was judged by: Mr. Ronny Johnsson & Mr. Kurt Larsson.

I shall return........

A long drive, another interesting day showing how surprisingly different we assess our ponies (limbs, type)...... Anyway - we had a great day, meeting our good friends in Sweden and were as always warmly welcomed by the organizing committee. They did a great job all day long.


Store hestedag at Roskilde - September 3rd.


Bakkehaves Jamilah - photo by Camilla Poulsen©
500 horses/ponies entered for assessment, show classes, driving and much more.
Again our Society´s annual show for foals/youngsters was incoorporated in this big event. 76 shetlands made their entrance in the two show-rings.

Bakkehaves Jamilah
, 3rd. generation of our J-line, being judged by Mrs.Madeleine Beckman, Sweden and Mr. Jan Bjørnshøj Denmark.

Frisky and having fun!

Showing off... Photos by Camilla Poulsen ©

Gaining her first rosette - red - for obtaining 40 points. GREAT!!!!!

She came in 2nd. of five and was awarded 40 points, which allowed her and 15 more ponies to enter the Over-all Final.

Our fan-club had prepared a nice lunch for us in the stable area.

Top of the pops compeeting for BIS - Jamilah came in as no. 11/16 in the final - 76 ponies entered the show in total - a very successfull day for us and our J-line.


New family members: Mrs. Duck, Anders & Mette.
Snail Extermination Special Task Force

Best friends - Jamilah & Mario.

Hasta la vista......

Sweden July 17th.

What a weekend!!!
On the road again, with our dream-team, Bakkehaves Sambuca & Bakkehaves Jumbaldi,
showing in our favourite part of Sweden - the wonderful Småland.

2 x Over-all Reserve in 2 days - in 2 countries - with 2 selfmade Bakkehave ponies.

64 ponies entered the show.

Jumbaldi was once again Miniature Champion & Over-all Reserve.
Sambuca was awarded her second gold medal.

Jumbaldi being judged by Mrs. K. Blad.

A tired gold-medalist after a tough weekend, gained her 6th. rosette in two days.

Erika Andersson, with Lyckans Lorelei won the Bakkehave Rosette as best Junior Handler.

Jumbaldi waiting in the pouring rain for the BIS final entering 10 ponies, something worth waiting for! Once again Over-all Reserve Champion.

A long, wet, but wonderful day in Sweden.


Mare´s assessment July 15th. Zealand.

Judges: Mrs. Rachel Bowen & Mrs. D.M. Tindale, UK.
40 mares entered the assessment.

Fotograf: Kirsten Ellebæk
Bakkehaves Sambuca
was awarded 9-9-9-8-8 = 43 points, first class and winner of her class. In the final she became Medium Champion, Junior Reserve Champion and Over-all reserve Champion. She is the first offspring by Waulkmill Maclaren, bred in DK being assessed and surely shows her father´s unique quality.

Waulkmill Fay did very well - made it into 2A, came in 3rd. and was awarded 9-9-8-7-7 and got a very nice description.



   Agricultural Fair at Bornholm July 1st. - 3rd.  

Bakkehaves Jumbaldi - crystal clear winner in the stallions B.I.S. final.
He was given 23 points by the Judge (normally judging Icelandic ponies) in his own class. In the final the 6 judges awarded him:

10 - 9 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 8

 "Bornholm Special" - Click here


Something to be proud of!!!
This Picture of Maclaren at York Stud is to be found in full page in the Danish RSPCA´s annual report.

Photo by Søren Wesseltoft. ©

Bakkehaves Jamilah   -  3.rd generation of our J-line  -  one week old. The Saudi Embassy kindly helped us writing her name in Arabic.


News from Belgium:

Bakkehaves Jaguar 2 year old 99 cm - a very handsome pony shown in western style.

June 16th. Jessica foaled a pretty little filly by Vivaldi. She is named Bakkehaves Jamilah - Arabic for beautiful - which she certainly is!
Lovely colour, already full of tricks and a great addition to our J-line. Hopefully she will do just as good, as her very close relative Bakkehaves Jumbaldi.


Jumbaldi´s own site is updated! click here to se more about Rosklide.

7th. of June - Vivaldi has left us today and will again spend the summer at Stutteri Møllegaard

Arriving in grandious style! of June Fay arrived from Scotland to be covered by Waulkmill Maclaren.

Agricultural Fair at Roskilde
3rd. - 5th. of June
The largest in Scandinavia - 500 horses entered the show.
More than 70.000 visitors over the weekend.

Jumbaldi did great as Best of all Shetland Stallions with maximum points - 24 - which allowed him to enter the Over-all Championship of all breeds. In this final all in total 19 different breeds competed. Jumbaldi came in 3rd., the Welsh-pony no. 2 and the Fjord-stallion as the over-all winner. Among the other breeds were PRE, Oldenborg, Arabian, New Forest, Paint, Tinker, Haflinger, Belgian, Knabstrup, Pinto, Palomino, Frederiksborg, Welsh Mountain, Dartmoor, Jydsk and Swedish Draft.

Friday, Jumbaldi being assessed to maximum score by the judges Merete Henriksen & Jane Lund Jensen.
What a great day!!!

                      Being naughty as usual...                      In the main show-ring, as no. 3 of all breeds  

Making new friends.........Whata Fancy Dream came in as no. 5 stallion of all breeds.



Saturday all the Shetlands were presented to the audience.

Morillo af Nørvang was awarded 23 points and little Søndergaards Mellon experienced her first show.

Sunday, Prize Ceremony in the main ring.


Our first shetland - Goliat - turned 24 years old on the 22nd. of May.

A visit by The Swedish Shetlandpony Society
Region South

Anna Aaby and I planning the details of the day with posters showing the family-trees of both
our mare-lines and stallions.

29 visitors from Sweden - in all sizes and well prepared enjoyed a light lunch in our
our stable during heavy rain.

Supreme Champion - Waulkmill Maclaren
For the Swedish Judges I.L.H. Hyttring and Torsten Jeppsson (also President for the Swedish Ass.) it was a reunion with Maclaren since they last say him,
as winner of the Centenary Show in England.


Ellinges Abby
Filly foal by Maclaren, full sister of the wonderful Ellinges Lady Azra, out of Skovlundens Afroditte. Breeder: Birgitte Wind.

Maclaren in full swing, enjoying his herd of 1st. class mares

Møllegaards Heartbreaker
This years first foal by Møllegaards Vivaldi, bred by Ruth Møllegaard Kristensen, born May 11th.
Photo by Stutteri Møllegaard

A stunning picture of a fabulous pony -
Waulkmill Maclaren at York Stud - The well-known horse photographer Christina Hauschildt, found our ponies irresistible ©

15 chicks - 3rd. generation of Bakkehave Orpington, 2 days old.

April 2005 
News from Jack & Jaguar in Belgium

Jack on his way as driving-pony
The two geldings we sold to Belgium are doing great and are very happy in their new home. They are both behaving and looking like true well bred Shetlands.  Jack will begin his education as driving-pony this summer and his younger brother Jaguar will continue his basic training. Photos by Brigitte De Cuyper.

Stallion Show at York Stud

Jumbaldi, Jette & Maclaren, photo by Christina Hauschildt ©

Once again we were invited to show shetlands at York Stud. This time at the yearly "Stallions Day". Jette playing the bagpipe, Bakkehaves Jumbaldi & Waulkmill Maclaren opened the show. The ponies enjoyed themselves among high profiled thoroughbred and warmblood horses and the audience was introduced to our great breed by Nick Elsass, Chairman of The National Departement of Horse Breeding.

The Queen
On the second of April, Juliet delivered a stillborn foal one month premature and born as breech birth. Needless to say it was a pretty little black filly...
The vet did a great job, got the foal out P.D.Q. and saved our wonderful mare.

Søndergårds Mellon

First foal this year by Maclaren has arrived. A filly - full sister of the very successful "Søndergårds Mac" out of Morillo af Nørvang, bred by Karen Petersen. Congratulations!

March 2005

Bakkehaves Jack & Jaguar finally in Belgium

Before reaching their new home, J&J rested for one night in Neumünster. The next morning they had a long conversation with the 29 year old olympic bronze medalist "Nepomuk".

Finally in Belgium - meeting their new quarter-friend "Boggie"

February 2005

Showing in Sweden
Bräkne Hoby
Judge: Inga-Lill H. Hyttring

Creme de la creme - 5 champions all hoping for Best in Show.......

2 left for the final battle  -  Jumbaldi showing off and already very much in love with the wonderful BIS winner: Ingrid v.d. Kleibergsestraat also awarded 42 points.
Photo - Magnus Archenholtz

What goes up - must come down!
Sambuca was awarded 8-8-7-7-8 = 38 points and a silver medal - certainly not her day!

... but Jumbaldi managed to restore our pride, as he once again became Champion Stallion  with 42 points and a gold medal. In the final he won second prize in Best in Show.

Bakkehaves Jumbaldi - now triple Champion and 2 x reserve.


Having fun!

Bakkehaves Jumbaldi SH 463 cuter than ever and ready for his first season as licensed stallion.

January 2005

We just received this wonderful picture of Jumbaldi, having the enjoyment of royal attention by HRH Princess Benedikte, at York Stud, August 2004.
Photo by Christina Hauschildt ©Bakkehave

As it is cold, wet and dark, everybody is called back to HQ, where we can keep a close eye on all the ponies. January is at our place the time for routine vet-inspection, dental-work, as well as bloodsamples.
It gives us much more work, but the ponies are much better off and the view from the kitchen window is fab.

Oldies but Goodies

Here you will find show-results, Bakkehave Shetland Show, lots of pictures and much more.